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From trendy, glamorous, hottest picks, to cozy, casual and comfortable looks, we give you a perfect closet buzz, all here @ SEW.
SEW offers a dynamic collection of understated sassy and edgy fashion that focuses on clear-cut, contemporary lines with its tailoring effect. SEW embodies a subtle, sophisticated vibe with runway style apparels from tops, skirts, and dresses while completing the look with enchanting accessories. Serving you the latest dose of women’s style, your fashion is our passion, with a new hue of colors, unique trims, and high-quality fabrics for each & every season collection.
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Insight to founder's inspiration to start SEW

As a young girl, I've been in the shoes of an MBA student as well as an employee in the corporate world, where the trend is to wear smart casuals. During these stages, your dress coding, wardrobe selection, right attire, play a major role in addressing your personality. Be it your fresher’s party, prom night, an orientation day at the job or just a beautiful casual day, your dressing up is vital for your body, mind and soul.

Being a fashion lover, I always felt a dearth of options. Either you wear something simplistic and create a basic look or shop something stylish over the web and never wear it again. There is no common ground of fashion and sustainability. This is exactly the void we are trying to fill with our brand “SEW”. As the name suggests, Sassy Edgy Weaves, we develop styles that are inspired by upscale brands and are uniquely intact in its integrity and wear-ability. You can carry these styles multiple times amongst different social groups and will still stand out. Basically, if you have a ‘bring it on’ attitude; love to try new styles; and don’t want to compromise on the comfort, then, girl, Welcome home!

We design timeless and edgy styles with respect to garment aesthetics, fabrics, trims and embellishments. We carry the entire process of conceptualizing, designing, manufacturing and delivering in-house to keep customer content at a fair price.

So Girls! If you wish to buy trendy fashion, SEW is the best place to be!