Life should be carefree and enjoyed to the fullest. This definition is quite similar to how Bohemian chicks define themselves.

Bohemians are free spirited animals that believes in truth, freedom and love and it is evidently depicted in their outfits as well. It's just a starting point and, of course, your wardrobe will differ depending on your own personal style.

Check out these 8 outfits that every bohemian wardrobe needs:

1. Block printed cold shoulder maxi dress

Bring forth a free-spirited vibe with this ultra-feminine dress that has alluring cutouts to balance its maxi length.

2. Print Maxi Dress with Ruffled Sleeves

Beautifully crafted ruffles on the neck, with lace detailing along the neckline and sleeves, this maxi dress screams BOHO in every way possible.

3. Spring in stripes dress

The Sophisticated take to your Boho Dress! With Sophisticated style and bohemian design, this dress is a perfect blend to fit your daily style.

4. Slant Choker neck midi dress

To help add a free-spirited, worldly edge to your wardrobe, nothing can replace the rich look of a bold, geometric printed item.

5. Pink Gathered yoke top

Elevate your style, give your everyday style a boho touch with this peppy, chic top.

6. Printed cold shoulder crop top

Simultaneously cry with joy and enrage with jealousy at this perfectly-melded ceremony of bohemia and glamour.

7. Floral printed cross neck top

Florals and free style, the key to bohemian style. Embrace your carefree self with this ethereal style.

8. Printed Fit and Flare Top

Play forth with your style and experiment as much as you can. Adorn this boho top that will accentuate your vogue game to the max.

Dressing in a boho style can be a little intimidating at times. If you’re one who isn’t looking for a full out boho look, there are ways to add a little boho in to a basic outfit. We have just provided you with a great base foundation for your look - a few essential pieces you need to maximize your wardrobe's versatility. It's just a starting point and, of course, your wardrobe will differ depending on your own personal style



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